Audacious Attitudes!  …most definitely a catchy name…

…but it was more  a cry from a woman who wanted more!  My story is so similar to that of women my age… married young, raised three beautiful children, became a grandmother and great grandmother.  For sixteen years I worked in the retail industry, loving every minute. All came to a crash, and I seemed to have lost my sense of direction.  Fortunately for me, my mother was living with me in my home…  Always the voice of reason, calm, and faith.   She proclaimed that all would be well. The stores were gone, but I was still here!

This all happened the week before I officially became a senior.  Senior!  I was not ready to fade away then or now.  I am Audacious and Fabulous!  Always ready to embark on a new journey, I’m creating my own jewellery line called Audacious!  It is for all women, joyous and loving their lives… Audacious and Fabulous in every way!

… Created by Antonia!   Fun and Fabulous accessories.