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It has been my distinct pleasure to assist hundreds of women express their individuality through fashion accessories over the last sixteen years. What I learned is that style is attitude. If you don’t have attitude, you don’t have style.

Wear what you love. Never worry about what others think about you. Don’t copy someone else’s look. You know who you are and you approve of yourself. Exude confidence in the knowledge that you are at your best this very moment. Smile! Automatically the stress lines vanish. Your eyes sparkle. All is well in your world.

That is attitude!  That is style!   Bold…  Beautiful…  Bright…  Confident.

My selection of accessories is sure to please. Enjoy browsing and visit often. There is always something new!

If you are a bride make an appointment to discuss your vision. If logistics make it impossible for a personal appointment, email pictures of your gown. Provide details including how you intend to wear your hair, if you require a hair adornment and any other detail you feel is important. Send a picture of your bridesmaid dresses and I will suggest beautiful jewelry to complete the look.   Every mother wants to look her best for the wedding. I can help!

Allow me to help you express your style attitude!

Daniil Lyakhovich
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