Time Heals All!

When I logged on to Facebook this morning this image greeted me. Today marks one year that I joined.  It also marks the first anniversary of Audacious Attitudes!  The photograph was taken two and a halStill 2f months after the loss of my much loved stores, A Passion For Living. I have to mention here and now that I am not associated with the store still in operation in Ancaster.

This photograph stunned me because I see sadness in my eyes, frown lines and a stressed aura; I refused to acknowledge these feelings at the time, but the camera does not lie. I thought that masking them with my smile was my forte’; I was wrong… the eyes tell all!

They say that things happen for a reason. Of course at the time this was no consolation. It didn’t help that one week later I turned 65! Now I believe it to be true.  Shortly after, my mother who lives in my home became increasingly unwell; we are now able to spend precious time together. When I dove into the basement of rock bottom, my mother and aunt threw me a lifeline….it sparked my new endeavor Audacious Attitudes, which has become a labour of love.   My heart has steadily re-opened to the point that I am finding joy in the ordinary everyday things; it seems as if my life has been handed back to me.

Of course I am not naïve enough to believe that there will not be other challenges in my life; I know that there will certainly be more curve balls! The greatest lesson I’ve learned this past year is that I am a strong woman with a great support system. Our joy and peace comes from within and despite what happens in our outer world we can always draw from these gifts and flourish!


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