Time Heals All!

When I logged on to Facebook this morning this image greeted me. Today marks one year that I joined.  It also marks the first anniversary of Audacious Attitudes!  The photograph was taken two and a halStill 2f months after the loss of my much loved stores, A Passion For Living. I have to mention here and now that I am not associated with the store still in operation in Ancaster.

This photograph stunned me because I see sadness in my eyes, frown lines and a stressed aura; I refused to acknowledge these feelings at the time, but the camera does not lie. I thought that masking them with my smile was my forte’; I was wrong… the eyes tell all!

They say that things happen for a reason. Of course at the time this was no consolation. It didn’t help that one week later I turned 65! Now I believe it to be true.  Shortly after, my mother who lives in my home became increasingly unwell; we are now able to spend precious time together. When I dove into the basement of rock bottom, my mother and aunt threw me a lifeline….it sparked my new endeavor Audacious Attitudes, which has become a labour of love.   My heart has steadily re-opened to the point that I am finding joy in the ordinary everyday things; it seems as if my life has been handed back to me.

Of course I am not naïve enough to believe that there will not be other challenges in my life; I know that there will certainly be more curve balls! The greatest lesson I’ve learned this past year is that I am a strong woman with a great support system. Our joy and peace comes from within and despite what happens in our outer world we can always draw from these gifts and flourish!

Undying Love For Books And Reading!


I came to Canada just in time to start grade school. I was fascinated by the pictures and words in our first readers. In my mind I can still see the colorful images of the children, their family and pets. The teachers would march us to Bennetto Public School to use their library; the old floor boards creaked announcing our arrival and the familiar smell of the books on their shelves welcomed us.

I find it amusing and often laugh at my reading choices because they are so telling of the times of my life. They tell my story.

Nature books about flowers and birds inspired the artist in me. We were an immigrant family trying to acclimatize to our new environment and I would compare our life to the families I read about in the novels. Books were a magical fix for all that ailed me and ignited my imagination. Romance and mystery intrigued my teenage years. In the mid sixties Twiggy came into vogue and losing weight on the latest diet fads consumed me. In 1971 I married and became engrossed in the culinary arts.

With the birth of my first child in 1973 my mothering instincts butted head to head with Dr. Spock and others. When Oprah began her public spiritual journey I dedicated my efforts to self-improvement, followed by deep thought provoking enlightenment.   Impending menopause introduced me to the joys of women’s body wisdom, natural healing and nutrition. Needless to say, books have played a vital role in my development as a person.

At this point in my life I know that I am an audacious, confident woman loving the person I am today.   I am content with no desire to improve a single thing! There is a wellspring of joy inside me that helps me cope with the rigors of daily life. I now refuse to spend any more of my time on self-improvement or heavy thought provoking volumes.  In my heart I know that I have come full circle, back to my childhood years and read for the love and sheer enjoyment of it.  It took  years for me to learn that there is no perfection, and that life always throws its curve balls. True joy and peace, even in the face of crises, comes from within… and that brings me to my next reading adventure…

The Book of JOY… by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Can’t Wait!










What Are You Doing Now?

about-usWhen I’m out and about chances are I run into people I know. The question is always the same…What are you doing now? It always makes me smile. There are two possible scenarios behind this one single question.

What are you doing now?… You no longer own the stores. You worked six or seven days a week, sometimes twelve hours per day, went on buying trips, and merchandised three stores. How do you fill your hours? You must be feeling awful!

What are you doing now?… I know you. You are always doing something new. You are so creative. What are you up to?

Thank God the human spirit is so resilient! It was not easy, but I’m back to doing what I truly enjoy.

My hours are filled searching out fashion accessories that I feel will thrill my ladies. When my orders arrive I revel in the excitement of knowing I selected the right pieces; I have accumulated one of the finest collections of fashion jewellery. Even the tedious work of inspecting and pricing is enjoyable. I then proceed with photographs and posting online to my website; this is painstakingly slow with only two-thirds of my accessories posted to date. My studio displays the in-stock items, giving me a visual of my inventory; my merchandising skills have not gone to waste. It is a true labour of love!

This new venture prompted me to promote Audacious Attitudes on Facebook. It has been an adventure of its own. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy sharing fun posts with almost fifteen hundred friends. Not only is it a great tool to get the word out about my new business but it is an enjoyable way to stay connected with like-minded women of all ages. One of my favorite things about having the stores was sharing ideas with my customers and the social interaction. Nothing has changed!

As you probably know by now being home has allowed me to spend whatever precious time remains with my mother. It is often said that there is a time for all things and I believe it to be so.

“What are you doing now?”…

I am doing what makes my heart sing!