Today I Wake With Purpose…












Today I wake with purpose…

The dark night is still looming.

And though morn has broken,

I spy two stars still twinkling in the sky.


I start the coffee brewing, bran flakes piled high

Prepare the omelette, toast and biscuits.


I walk towards her suite.

My pace slows down, assuming.


She turns her head, good morning!

I thank the Lord for giving

Us one more day in union.


I ask her how she passed the night

Knowing she’d say that all was right.

Put on her brace, her shoes and robe

A little stiff, but there is hope

Today will bring a better day.


A limp, a shuffle, the role of wheels

I hear her following at my heels.

To the kitchen brightly lit

On her walker she will sit.


I bring her toast, the flakes and coffee.

I serve her first…


With shaking head her thank yous break

The silence of the morning.

I love this blessed time together

When all is new and fresh and hopeful.


Today I wake with purpose…

To savour every moment left.

I know the value of my treasure

And hold it dearly to my breast.


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