A Moment In Time

Graceful stance, shoulders back, head held high. Her warm, brown eyes looking fearlessly into the camera….I can see a smile about to break through.

Her dress and full length coat belongs to her sister who wore it on her wedding day; the fox stole and clutch to the photographer. She is hopeful and proud, gentle and determined. She is in love.

The photograph celebrates a new beginning…her seven year engagement to Olinto, my father. Pia is seventeen.

When I look at this picture I wonder if she could even imagine that she would have the strength and courage to leave all that was dear to her and embark on the adventure of her life. Her present mode of transportation was on foot or on a bicycle. There was only one car in her home town and she had only seen it from afar. Could she even dream that one day she would sail across the Atlantic Ocean?

There are many phenomenal women in our lives just going along living everyday lives, powerhouses of strength and undying commitment to nurturing and keeping their family units strong.   They find strength from deep inside their being. Their language is kindness.  They own an ever-expanding capacity to love. Their attitude is of gratitude.

The young woman in this photograph is calm and aspiring. She has stepped outside her comfort zone, venturing into a photographer’s studio, facing a camera for the first time in her life. She finds solace in the warm familiarity of her sister’s wedding outfit, dons the fox stole as other young women she knows have done and confronts the unknown with confidence.




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