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Tips on how to order work in an abstract company:

Choose a topic of work and approve it with the teacher (this will help to avoid changes and adjustments to the topic in the future, and therefore additional costs).
Decide on the volume of work, the list of references (how much, what, what years, etc.).
Take guidelines for the desired type of work in your university
Ask about checking for Anti-plagiarism, if there is, then through what system will work be checked.
Decide on the optimal deadline for work. Urgent work can hardly meet all your requirements, so order in advance, especially if it is a diploma. Diplomas, as a rule, always get for rework, because teachers must also show that they work and train students, and there are also possible differences between the views of the teacher and yours. This is very often the case. teachers sometimes have their own views on things, sometimes disagreeing even with authors of well-known literary sources. In short, improvements are normal, but you also need to reserve time for it, especially if you do not make corrections, but another author, who is not only engaged in your order.